Friday, April 30, 2010


Ever since Abby has become mobile Ryan and I have had to sit Sarah down and talk to her about sharing numerous times. Sarah will be clear in the other room and can sense Abby picking up a toy (even if it isn't Sarah's). Sarah will run into the room {usually growling}snatch the toy from Abby and set it up where Abby can't reach. I'll admit this at times can be helpful when Abby is getting into something she shouldn't, or its nice not having to bend over to the floor when all of the toys are piled nicely on the couch, but for the most part it just frustrates me that Sarah suddenly needs the toy Abby is playing with and is being so selfish. 

So we've had bedtime stories about Princess Sarah sharing, FHE lessons about how Jesus is happy when we share and talk after talk right after the act (usually accompanied with a short timeout on the stairs). But all to no avail, she still is stubborn and gets mad at Abby. I have even started explaining how Abby won't want to be friends with her (which at the moment Abby hasn't really had a problem with toys being snatched out of her hands left and right, but that won't last forever). 

So how should I feel when I am doing the dinner dishes this morning (I'm a lazy house wife, and didn't do them last night... don't judge me) to find Sarah sharing with her sister?

Wait, didn't I just feed them breakfast? And HOW did she get those crackers?

Well, I guess I am supposed to be happy and proud of this sweet little moment. 

Until I see them grinding the crackers into the rug {the nice clean rug I had just vacuumed}. 

Not that you can tell with the toys strewn about the room {those were just picked up as well}. 

{sigh} I am happy they are sharing. But maybe next time it can just be the toys...

...and not a crumbly mess on my clean floor. 


Ashley said...

Sarah is such a mini little you. ;) These pictures are so sweet.

Ash said...

haha that's cute! As least she shares the important stuff. Toys will grow old, but food will help little Abby grow. :) Your girls are have such cute lil faces Liz. I love seeing all the pics you take of them!

Em said...

What worked well for us was establishing a rule with Oliver that anytime he took a toy away from his brother, he had to give him a different toy. (Replace it with something else) That gave him just enough pause to think before he snatched..... and honestly, food is a good place to start learning about sharing. Sorry about the messes though. I should show you my floor to help you feel better!

Brooke said...

I found that one of the best way to get little kids to understand sharing was to reassure them that they would eventually get the toy back. Kids don't understand this -- they think that if someone takes a toy away, it's gone forever. Sometimes snatching something back is more an act of anxiety or defensiveness, not selfishness.

With the exception of special things like blankies or teddies (which I don't think ever need to be shared), I find that telling my kids, "let her have the toy -- it's okay, you'll get it back, you'll get it back," is usually enough to get them to calm down and let someone else take a turn.

All right, enough from Dr. Shirts. There is some seriously cute cracker-munchin' going on there.

McReynolds Family said...

Oh yes, the crackers on the nice clean floor. I know that routine! You'd be surprised how kids can find the things you think are out of reach! Very cute pics!