Monday, April 26, 2010

Too Short!

That visit was just too short! We already miss you G'ma Lisa. We had so much fun, and are so grateful that you were able to come and have a perfect weekend with us. 

Sarah loved bouncing like a bunny through Joann's with you while mommy perused the fabric. 

The Children's Museum was ten times more fun with you there. 

The Slides were faster, 

and twisty-er!

The Bubble Teeter-totter was filled with bubbly laughter. 

In fact there was more bubbly laughter everywhere!

Water Play had more splishity, splashity fun. 

It was a great day and we had so much fun. Even though mom and dad took you to a yucky Indian Restaurant that evening, you made up for it with Cold Stone and puzzles. 

Life doesn't get any better than THAT!

The next day was a blast as well. 

We had so much fun at the Carnegie Science Center with you. 

With more Splashing, 

and exploring. 

Going to demonstrations and running EVERYWHERE!

It is too bad the camera died so early in the day, there were so many fun moments that we'll just have to hold on to in our memories. 

It was so cute watching lil' Abby almost take her first step with you that evening. 

Ryan and I loved staying up late playing the card game, "Lucky" that you taught us. The next day was the best Sunday ever. I really appreciated having you at church with us, and that you even helped out with Nursery! You made my Sunday so much more enjoyable having you there, and that you were there to see so many cute things.  

Like Abby's snooty face, 

all covered in milk. 

Thank you for cutting everyone's hair (except snoozing Sarah, you wore her right out)
We all look so cute, even after waking up in the morning.  

We love you so much G'ma Lisa, and can't wait until your next visit!


Brooke said...

Baby Abby is getting TOO BIG! Tell her to stop -- she's supposed to stay tiny and cute forever!! :-)

Deb said...

I can not believe Abby's hair! It is sooo long and so red! Crazy! That girl's hair grows like mad! I can't believe she is almost walking too...come on June! Grrr. Glad you had fun with Ryan's mom.

Becky said...

Grandma Lisa doesnt look nearly old enough to be a grandma! Looks like the girls had a blast with her!

Ash said...

Dang Grandma Lisa is amazing! I want a Grandma Lisa to got the museums with. :) Glad you had so much fun together. Can't wait for you guys to get back so we can have Fun Friday pics together gain.

grandma stephenson said...

I had so much fun !! I miss Sarah and Abby and even Buzz-Bee. We had a so much fun!!!