Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Zebra & Horsey

I just had to jot down some of the dialog from Sarah's pretend play.

Hi, my name is horsey
                  Hi my name is Zebra.
How are you today?
                   I need to take a nap for a minute I am so tired.
I am hungry
                  You want something to eat
Sure, OUCH! Ouchy!
                  Are you okay?
I’m okay
                  Take a nap
Mommy, I want my mommy
                  She wants her mommy.
 (runs over to me) Sarah: Horsey wants her mommy, mommy.
(I fish out the mommy horsey from the depths of the church bag)
Mommy horsey, I want my mommy. There you are mommy! (has horseys give hugs)
                  I want my mommy too
(comes back over to me) Sarah: Mommy, the zebra wants her mommy too! 
(unfortunately we don't have a mommy zebra, so I had to spend 5 mins explaining this)

Let's take a picture with the camera
                  Thats a good idea, you like it?
Yes, I like it!
Sarah: Mom, I want to take a picture with the camera. 
(mom takes some pictures)

(Notices Zebra is missing a leg)
Sarah:  Mommy, I broke zebra's leg, can you help me find it? (heaven knows how long ago this happened)

This girl sure does know how to make blogging easy for momma. 


Brooke said...

Poor Zebra! An orphan AND missing a leg! I love these kind of posts -- Sarah is so adorable!

Gwendolyn said...

That's a great idea, I should do that! Kids say the funniest things. Cute.
I can totally see Ryan in that last pic of Sarah.