Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

We really got spoiled this year. 
The Easter Bunny came almost entirely in the mail this year. (Thank you grandmas!)

The Easter Bunny had left a trail of marshmallow bunnies for the girls to follow in the morning. Well, some little stinker (SARAH) headed downstairs with out mommy and daddy to check it out. She came up to our room and woke Ryan and I up with a bag full of mallows that she had collected.  Oh well, maybe Ryan and I got an extra 5 minutes of sleep. She sure was excited to have us come and see the Easter surprise. 

Here is Sarah's Easter

and Abby's
(and yes, she slept in her outfit from Yesterday)

We had a lot of fun and had plenty of distractions for the girls so Ryan and I could listen to conference. 

What a wonderful weekend. 

PS - while I was working on Easter dinner, and Ryan was studying, Sarah decided to play with her new bubbles (after mommy told her to wait until after dinner) and dump TWO bottles of bubbles on our rug. Ugh! When I asked her what happened, she explained how she was "sharing" the bubbles with Abby. 


Melissa said...

So fun. Looks like you guys ahd a great Easter!