Saturday, February 6, 2010


Nope, not the card game... that is how many inches of SNOW fell over night. It started snowing yesterday afternoon and by about 7-8pm it was really starting to stick. We had 21 inches by the time Ryan and I went out to tackle the shoveling at about 8:30-9am. I can't remember the last time we got dumped on that much in UTAH!!! 

The news said that we were supposed to get 8-12 inches... I think they were just a little off. They also said that we haven't had a storm this bad since 1993... of course, it had to be the first record setting storm in years our first winter here! 

Yes, we got so much snow that as I was shoveling the front walk I literally saw a woman SKIING down our street! She was completely decked out, snow goggles and all. When I talked to her she said, "Got to enjoy all of this pretty snow." Hope she enjoys it enough for the both of us, because the girls and are are staying in!!!

Here are some pretty pictures to enjoy. 

Shot out our front door.
That is supposedly our walk way... haha!

Poor bush...

We lost our driveway in the storm too! 
Its down to the right of the railing. 

We barely could get our side door open. 
Check out the pile on our trash cans!!!

Oh it only took a little over 2 hours for FOUR people (our neighbors came out and helped)  to shovel our walks and the shared driveway. YIKES!!! 

And yes, it is STILL snowing!


Gwendolyn said...

HOLY COW!!!! I can't believe you guys got that much snow! Crazy!(We've been enjoying 40-something weather and melting snow.) I wouldn't leave my house either. :)

Melissa said...

WOW...I must say I'm a tiny bit jealous. We've had next to no snow here in utah and as much as I don't like to cold or driving around in it...the white fluffy snow is so beautiful! Don't have too much fun playing in it! (sorry you had to shovel it...that's no fun)