Thursday, February 4, 2010

Princess Play-date

Sarah has been lonely. So what better cure to loneliness than a play-date?


We set up the Princess Castle

Colored Princess Pictures

Had a Princess Tea Party

With lots of Giggles...

Silly Faces...

and lots of adorable memories!

Sarah loved it, Makay loved it and I LOVED IT!!! It was a great play date, and what better way to end the day than to make dumb-dumb flowers. 

Thanks Makay for coming over and playing! 


Deb said...

Wow, they did an amazing job at coloring that picture!

Liz said...

I know, they are so talented... I'm sending an app into Disney tomorrow...

No, I was busy setting up the tea party, so I didn't get a picture of them coloring together. It was cute, Sarah copied everything that Makay was doing.