Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sarah's Fairy Village Cake

In the Family Fun magazine for this month they had a special blurb about fairies and even had a fairy village for a birthday cake, when Sarah saw this she was in love and knew exactly what she wanted for her birthday cake. 

So... here it is...

Yeah, yeah, they are SOOO not perfect, but it was my first decorated fairy cake village, so cut me some slack. 

Here is a little tour of the village...

The rustic butter biscuit bungalow,

 (with an "everpink" pine tree)

the simple sugar wafer chalet.

and my favorite, the cozy cupcake cottage. 

(check out the cute little toadstools! I love 'em)

The roof was supposed to have these on the top.  

But, they were out of chocolate nonpareils at the store so I had to improvise.

Chocolate dipped mini vanilla wafers with sprinkles. 

Yup, totally copied each house, no originality here. It still was fun and Sarah sure was excited to have her own fairy village for her birthday cake. 

Thanks Family Fun for the great idea!

PS - Sarah's birthday is actually on Tuesday, but we decided to do a webcam birthday celebration with the grandparents so we made the cake today. More pictures to come of her Birthday!


Alisha said...

How cute is that? I also love the mushrooms, so cute. I can't wait until Sophie starts requesting cakes for birthdays!

Gwendolyn said...

That is adorable! What a great idea! You are one talented chica. Happy Birthday to Sarah!

Deb said...

Way cute! You're so talented!!

Amber said...

Good job on the cake - your pictures look super clear - what kind of camera are you using?