Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sarah's Birthday

On Sunday we had a birthday celebration via webcam. Sarah was excited the whole day, and got insanely crazy after her cake was made. I think it was 20 times per minute that she asked me if she could blow out the candles and eat her cake. Crazy girl!

It was really cute how Sarah acted while opening presents while the grandparents watched. I think she has finally caught on to the whole webcam thing and realizes that unless she shows the camera, Grandma can't see the things she is pointing to. Thanks family for "being there" to celebrate Sarah's special day. 

On Sarah's actual birthday we kept things pretty low key. We were already a little sick of sweets after the fairy village so we did a Little Debbie cake so that she could blow out candles on her actual birthday. I think she liked it just as much, after all, its cake!

Then we did the big reveal of a Birthday present. Sarah loved it, and I am so glad. Sarah is easy to please, but I still was nervous that she wouldn't get excited about her castle. I think her face said it ALL!

Happy Birthday Sarah! 
Hope you enjoyed your special day. 

PS - For those of you who counted the candles on the cakes, yes there are four, we always do a "one to grow on" candle in my family, so there is always an extra candle on the cake. 


Ashley said...

Oh, aren't you SO happy you caught her expression?? Good job! It is awesome.

Gwendolyn said...

Cute! Looks like she had fun! I love the little castle.