Thursday, February 4, 2010

The H.A.


My name is Liz.

And I... 




Yes, it is true. When the skies get grey and cloudy (which seems to be everyday in a Pittsburgh winter) and it gets bitter cold and icy outside, I turn into a non-social HERMIT!!! It is sad, especially for poor Sarah who longs for the sunshiny days of laughter and play.

BUT! I am resolved to change, and the first step is admitting there is a problem. So there, I admitted it. 

Usually when I am in my hermit phase, I waste the days away. So, to change and be more productive I have decided to work on learning new things. Like...

How to make an Origami Box. Was it just me, or was I the only person in Junior High and High School who didn't know how to make the Origami Boxes, Balloons, or Boats? And, I even made a tutorial. For everyone who always wanted to be cool in Junior High, but never was because they didn't know how to make Origami Boxes like the cool kids either.

You can check it out HERE

Here are my cute little boxes. 

And what else to do than fill them with...


Yup, I made those evil little bad boys (even drizzled the chocolate... are you impressed, I was). I saw them on a while back and have been dying to make them. You can check out the recipe HERE

I made two different flavors. One involved a Red Velvet cake with Cream Cheese Frosting  some dipped in white chocolate and some in milk. The other a Devil's Food cake with Milk Chocolate frosting flavored with 1 tablespoon of Orange Extract, those were dipped in Milk Chocolate (of course)

They were good, too good, and unfortunately the recipe made a TON!!!! And who HAD  to eat the leftovers... it was a dirty job, but someone had to do it. 

It was a fun thing to do to help work towards my 12 step program to graduate from the H.A. (Hermits Anonymous)

Feel free to pass along any other fun ideas for me to try... hopefully a more calorie friendly one though


Em said...

You are too funny, but seriously, these PA winters?! They KILL me!

Especially February, it puts me in a funk every time.

Deb said...

HOLY CRAP! Those look amazing! You could start your own business! Aw, I wish I lived near by and I could drop by and eat some (and see my nieces)! I remember making the balloon paper things...aah childhood.

Hey, what was your big news?

Ash said...

Haha you so funny Liz! I become a hermit in icy gloom weather too. Rainy days... those make me happy and sunny days those make me happy too of course. But ugly blah gray winter. Humbug! Once Christmas is past it should only rain or shine and it should warm up the 60's 70's.
To bad I don't live in the Pitts with ya then I could come help ya eat those left overs.
I'll have to give those boxs a try, I need something new to do with X.

Tiffany said...

these were SOOOOOO good. Do you want me to bring some food over to you so that you won't even have to go out due to starvation? I will!

Aden and Jamie said...

Aden just walked by and said, "Those look goooood." I said, "Liz MADE them!" And then Aden said, "Man! She is like Miss Domesticated!!" I think he is sad that I am not more like you! I am a TOTAL hermit and I don't have kids to spend time with, so I just hang out with me and my bad self all day long. I need to be more productive like you! Ah, the joys of immigration!

Chantele said...

Ooohhh! I've been wanting to make these for the longest time! I had better get on that!;) They look great by the way, and those boxes are darling!

Jennifer said...

I am impressed and I will be making some tonight for a gathering we are having tomorrow. :)