Friday, February 26, 2010

Hey Love,


I love you so much, here is a stroll down memory lane, for your  birthday.

Our first concert together... Collective Soul. Best ever!

The Hogle Zoo... still dating.

I still can't believe you married me, but I am so glad that you did. 

Back of ladies, he is my handsome fella.

I love everything about you!

Even your nerdy side, 

your goofy side,

your hairy side,

your silly side, 

but especially your spiritual side.

I'm so proud of you in so many ways.

For graduating,

getting in to medical school and doing awesome there,

 and for being an amazing dad.

Thanks for playing board games with me.

Thanks for introducing me to new traditions, like the Hardy Boys Game on Christmas Eve.

Thanks for the fun vacation memories.

Even if we are just two goofing off in the woods!

I love you Ryan Stephenson, and don't you forget it!


Ryan Stephenson said...

Thanks sweetie.

Ashley said...

This post was darling. Loved it. Happy Birthday Ryan!

Ash said...

Ahhh Liz that's so freaking cute! You two are an awesome couple. Happy Birthday Ryan! Your one lucky guy to have won the heart of the beautiful Liz Newey.

Deb said...

Aaaw cute. Happy Birthday Ryan!!

Ashley said...

Hey Liz,
Do you know Laurel Mock? I don't think I have ever met her, but my sister in law Jill and her family are really close and I know her mom. Jill saw your comment on my blog, remembered you and I were Homecoming queens together and saw on your blog that your hubby is going to school at Pitt. So Brady and Laurel are also out there for med school and I am pretty sure they are in their first year too. Anyways, just thought I would ask! Small world. Sorry for the novel!
P.S. That first picture of you both is darling. You look so beautiful!

Liz said...

Ashley S.

YES! That is funny, I don't know them super well but I have met Brady and Laurel a couple of times, they have the CUTEST little girl. I keep trying to get a dinner or something organized with the LDS med students, its hard because all the others are in the 1st ward and we are lone rangers in the 7th. It is a small world... now I'll have to be more determined to have them for company.