Thursday, April 5, 2012

Zak's 1st Haircut

Okay... here are the before and afters.

This is the first time Zak's really looked at himself in the mirror... he loved it.
You can really see how ridiculous his hair was starting to look.
Donald Trump Comb-over central.  

 He even had a little rat tail going...

Not any more!

Funky shaggyness on top. 

 See ya!
(Can't do anything about the bald spot he is rubbing on the back of his head)

Over grown mohawk!


Look how long some of those hair clipping are! 


It was getting to be nap time... look how sleepy his little eyes look.

 Op, and he is falling asleep.
(Just like mom, I get so sleepy when I get my haircut)

 The crime scene.

Because he was falling asleep I didn't get a good after shot...
here is one when I laid him down on the floor he woke up a little.
"Wha? Why did you put me down mommy?"

The haircut turned out pretty good. 
It isn't perfect, and I missed some spots... but no one will be able to tell, right?

Here is the most obviously "whoops"
 He kept moving his little head as I was trimming around his ears... 

Love sleeping baby pictures... and love how long his eyelashes are!

Here is an after collage that I took on my iPod... thus the poor resolution.
I think he likes it!


Karah said...

I can't believe he has enough hair for that! What a doll. You can keep posting as many pictures as you like :)

Channin said...

Oh are a ROCKIN' Mamma. Thank you for this post. I still feel so lucky to have a son that shares the same name as your little guy. Am I jealous of his dark locks? YES. I was born with lots of dark locks and wondered if my little Zachy would have the same. He he, nope! Yet, I'm hopin' that before he turns 1yr. I'll be able to post something so cute like yours. You are adorable with an A-dorable Zachary! PS, I have to be honest, I so thought his mo/fohawk was sweeeeet [yet can guess it will return soon eh?]. And by the way, we both have the same Bumbo (color and all). I can also see that your 'Z' takes well to his pacifier and guess what, mine has taken well to his,...THUMB! I'm getting pay back [I'm afraid] for all the years of "torture" haha, I gave my mom for sucking my own thumb. But, he is so stinkin' cute with it plugged into his mouth. He tried to pull a fast one on me once by shoving it into his mouth during nursing time and I actually have to give him kuddos for that = clever! he he. Love ya and love those cute kiddos of yours! Ur an awesome Mommy and just an insert here for Ryan: He too is a great Mommy, JK Daddy, lol

Sarah said...

Oh my goodness, he is such an adorable baby! His haircut looks great! Way to go.

Brooke said...

What a sweet little munchkin! And it looks like his eyes are staying blue . . .

Melissa said...

Way to go Liz! I wouldn't have even dared to cut a baby's hair and you did GREAT! What a handsome little guy!

Deb said...

HE IS SO CUTE! I love the hair cut! I would be so nervous to do it but I think you did a great job. Is is conceded that I think he looks like Emmy? Every time I look at him I see bits of Emmy in his face. (After all everyone says Emmy looks like Patrick and I think Zak looks like you.)