Monday, April 9, 2012

Egg Hunt & Ohiopyle Falls

This past Saturday our Ward had an Breakfast and Easter Egg hunt. 
It started at 9am...NINE A.M.!!!
It is April... the weather was nice, but because it was so early it was FREEZING!!!
It didn't bother Sarah much... but it sure did affect Abby.
Just as it started to warm up a bit and get really nice the activity was over... go figure.

Our ward does the egg hunts in an interesting way. 
 There are eggs hidden to find... but they are empty. 
Makes me laugh to watch the real little ones find the egg, open it and stare blinking at the empty thing.

Sarah understood though. 
Finding empty eggs = a handful of candy when returned.
Sarah went out and back a couple of times (they could only find and return two eggs at a time) but some how the distributors of the candy didn't realize she had found eggs and kept sending her away.
Luckily Sarah didn't mind and just ran out and found more eggs.

Here is Sarah helping Abby to find eggs.

She was pretty excited to find one.

I went down with Zak and Ryan took some more pictures... but it looked like they just ended up hucking handfuls of candy into the grass for the kids to find (they had lots of candy left). 

Maybe they should have just started doing this... the kids  enjoyed it a lot more.

Since the activity started so early, we were home and done before 11am (which quite honestly, is about when we usually get started with our days on Saturdays). 

So spur of the moment we decided to go for a drive.
Our drive ended up taking us to the Ohiopyle State Park.

It was so sunny and beautiful. If it wasn't windy it would have been perfect weather!

Here is Ryan in front of the waterfall.

And me and Zak!

Here are our little ones getting blinded by the sun.

He was making the cutest little face, and right as I took the picture he popped out his plug.
Still think it is cute!

Sittin' in the sun.

It was really pretty.
The girls loved running around, although we were pretty nervous parents the whole time (what with Abby's awesome listening skills right now) so I felt like most of the trip was spent getting after the kiddos for being too close to the water.
It was really pretty, Sarah even commented on how beautiful it was.
She must get that eye for beauty from her G'ma. 

We drove around for a bit longer after that looking for more things... weren't super successful, but we still enjoyed ourselves.

It was a crazy spontaneous day trip (about 1 1/2 hours to get there), but we love road trips.