Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Three Months

Man... time is FLYING!
We're approaching summer... so it is only going to go faster from here. 

So, here is the Zakster at Three Months!

Here are the comparison pictures from before
(If you click on them you can switch back and forth to see the difference)
(Left: 2 months, Right: 1 month)

See how he has he little feet together. When ever his feet are uncovered he holds them together... kind of like holding hands... holding feet? Whatever, I think it is adorable.

Not really a whole lot of change. 
Don't really know his weight... but he was almost 15 lbs at his 2 month... so I'd guess he is some where between 16.5-18 lbs. We'll find out for sure at his 4 month check up.

Okay... ready for a gazillion slightly different pictures.
Love these pudgy little hands! 

 What a happy boy.

This is the funniest little look. Love it!

Looks like he is bumping his fist against his chest,
"What's up bro?"

Right in the middle of taking these Zak really discovered his hands.
He has been chewing on them for the past month or so, but he totally froze and focused in on them and just stared at them for a good five minutes.

It was adorable.
So fun to watch him try and figure it out.

Love these chunky thighs!

Really haven't pudged up these wrists too much... need to work on that.
Surprised look. 
I think the lighting changed a little.

Love this little look.

Oh he is such a sweetie!

Picture of his haircut.

His little ear.

Okay, okay... you're done!

Of course Abby discovered me in the middle of this. 
"The Lady and the Tramp" wasn't distracting enough 
(after the 15th time watching it)


Carolyn said...

That is one seriously beautiful boy!

Ali said...

You make really cute babies and take awesome pictures.

Ash said...

First off I just gotta say you are an amazing mom Ms. Lizzy! When I grow up I want to be just like you;) I read all the Easter posts before I hit this. Sooo fun! And now to say Zak is an adorable baby. I love seeing all the pics of him on FB. He does brighten my day:) Sorry I don't always comment, my time is being sucked away lately and I've missed blog reading. :(

Super B said...

Zak is just adorable! I love his eyes and his hair and his sweet little face! I also love the quilt he is on.