Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter 2012

As you read in the previous post, we had a very busy Saturday before Easter... so we got a little late to bed, and the Easter bunny had a late start on doing her thing (which included cleaning the house).

Here are their little surprises.
I got really lucky with deals and such. I gave myself $15 to spend on toys (dresses don't count) and stayed pretty close on both. I wanted to get Abby the Belle princess dress (because she LOVES dresses) and when I went the dress was more than the dress and doll combo (it was 30% off, plus they had a coupon in their flyer for 50% any princess toy... score!). Sarah's were also steals. I got the same 30% + 50% deal on her batman car, and the masks were 70% off!
Love me some good deals!

Anywho... as the Easter bunny was work, work, working away...
Daddy and Zak were snoozing on the couch.
It actually was helpful because Zak has been a little fussy lately, and snuggling helps him to sleep like a baby... er...yeah. 

Here are the kiddos at the top of the stairs ready to follow the trail of mallows to their baskets.

Abby forgot all about the marshmallows once she spotted that princess dress.
I think it took about five seconds for her to get it on.

Sarah made sure to get every marshmallow before she re-discovered her Easter loot.
(For those of you who aren't on Facebook... Sarah found the surprises in the back of the van the week before Easter... awesome, huh?)

She still thought they were pretty awesome.
(Oh and can you see Abby chomping down on the rest of her marshmallow trail?)

I think this a cute picture... love the sleepy look.

Zak was one happy boy!

Must have been feeding off of his sisters excitement.

Oh how this girl LOVES her dresses!

My two sweeties.

Okay... a hundred or so pictures later... and here are the best Easter shots of the kiddos.
Man it is hard working with three (especially when one is two and needs a hearing aid)

Hope you all had a blessed Easter and enjoyed the chance to remember what Easter is for.
He is Risen!
I'm so grateful for my Lord and Savior!

Happy Easter.


Kelly said...

So I love a good deal! You will need to share with me when you find a good deal and I will do so with you as well. As you know i dream about coupons. LOL. Love the quilt. I didn't see this one yesterday I don't think and I love it!