Wednesday, August 29, 2007


I have to apologize for the way I used to think about a situation. I never used to be able to understand how a mother could leave her little baby and go to work or school full time. (Granted I appreciate women who do it, ie-Teachers, ob/gyns, etc.) I always thought that motherhood should be put above financial situations. I now understand how people can.
I am trying to hurry through the Psychology program so that I can graduate (finally) before Ryan and I move for medical school (summer of 2009). I'll tell you is the weirdest feeling ever being at school. I know have have a sweet baby girl that is waiting a G'ma's house for me. But when I am on campus, it all feels sureal. It is kind of a nice feeling to have adult converstions and to be carefree and not worried about if Sarah is going to fall over or need a change of pants. It feels like a freedom.
So I understand now how mommies around the world handle it, or rather enjoy it. I love being a mother...but I also love learning about new things. I am bettering my children by completing my education so that I can be an example to them. 
Power to the women who are able to raise their family and provide! I don't think I could do both full time, just admire those who do.