Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Baby Food Babble

Baby Food
Current mood:  cheerful
Okay I seriously used to make fun of people that would make bizarre noises while feeding their babies. I am all those who I made fun of behind your backs. Now, being a mommy I understand the sense behind it all. Sarah has begun to eat baby food (rice cereal with a little fruit flavored baby food) and the only way to keep her focused is to make a complete fool of myself. So to all those mommies out there who make the noises...POWER TO YA! Those who mock up behind our just don't understand.
Along with the whole eating solids I was a little concerned about the whole situation because Sarah was not diggin' the whole goopy rice cereal. I start school in a little more than a week and the g'ma's are gracious enough to help by watching Sarah. But 4-5 hours is a long time for her to go between eating so I have really been trying to get her to eat a little cereal.  Today I felt was a sucessful day. I mixed some prune flavored baby food into her rice cereal and she LOVES it! (Go figure...the darkest colored one that makes the biggest MESS!) I have got her on a pretty good schedule, and I hope our camping trip doesn't throw her off. So everyone cross their fingers for us so that I can go to school and graduate next fall '08! constantly amazes me the things that I get excited over anymore...