Monday, August 20, 2007

2nd Anniversary

Happy Anniversary!
This year for our Anniversary, Ryan and I decided to go camping. Fun and affordable! We spent two nights up in the Uintah's by mirror lake. Man oh man it was beautiful up there. I forgot how peaceful it is. I really enjoyed the change in climate. It was nice and cool, which is perfect because me and heat don't mix! We had to bring along the babe and she did really well.
We got poured on. We decided to go hiking around on Friday and the moment we got a little ways on the path it began to rain. Oh well... I do love the rain.
We had a visitor to our campsite as well. While we were starting a campfire a deer walked right into our site. Of course it quickly ran away. But it was still neat. We saw lots of deer up there and even a moose! The one thing that I didn't get to see up at Yellowstone!
All in all, there is nothing better than the sounds of a tent zipping up, a fire popping and crackling, and laughter in a loving conversation.
Happy 2nd Anniversary!