Friday, August 28, 2009

Children's Museum Continued...

Well, I will try not to post too many more pictures of the Children's Museum, as it is probably getting old. But it will be a weekly thing for Sarah and I. I have decided to go every Friday afternoon (based on my sissy's recommendation). It gives Sarah and I something to look forward to each week. So hopefully I can keep this post interesting!

Right by the entrance to the Mr. Rogers area there is this huge wall that has a giant maze built into it. It is great for letting Sarah climb around in and burn off some energy. She usually manages to find some older kid to help her get up and down in the higher places. She is my little monkey and loves to climb around in this.

A musical ball thingy - you put the balls at the top and they hit bells on the way down.

Us up on the water floor. Sarah and Abby enjoying themselves.

There is this little nook where if you push a button it plays a quiet song. It is to help parents learn to make a space for children to just have some time to themselves. Sarah loved pushing the button and reaching up trying to putter her fingers through the star cutouts.

Abby found her fist while Sarah was playing at the bird seed table.

As I promised, here is a picture of the light bright wall.
I think it is pretty awesome!

Well that was our Fun Friday a the Museum. The rest of the day was filled with driving around getting lost in Pittsburgh. I have yet to make it to the Museum with out turning on/off the wrong street on the way. One day I have a better idea of how long it is supposed to take to drive there. *sigh*


Gwendolyn said...

Looks like fun! I'll miss you on our fun fridays!

Adrian said...

That childrens museum ROCKS!!! I though Discovery Gateway was cool but your pics make it look like it doesn't even compare.

Brooke said...

Nope, Discovery Gateway doesn't hold a candle to the Children's Museum of Pittsburgh (sigh, I miss it!). Next time you go, be sure to go to the lower level and visit the theatre -- they keep it open all the time, with a little lit-up dressing table stocked with face paint crayons, and racks of dress-up clothes. Jeff & Ella would spend lots of time getting decked out and then "performing" for me (seated comfortably in the audience, of course).

Ash said...

That's a way awesome museum. I'm gonna get on a plane next Friday and come to your Fun Friday it's way better then mine. :)