Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Bob, Frick and Craigslist

Well we are starting to do some fun things here in Pittsburgh. My family gave me a gift membership to the Pittsburgh Children's Museum (thanks to my sissy for organizing that). So Sarah and I have already gone a couple of times. The first time we went just for an hour or two to check it out and learn how to get there (I still don't know really because I got lost both times I've gone...*sigh*). The second time I was going to go for most of the day but I had to wait around all day for the dang cable guy to show up. I had planned on going at 11am but didn't end up leaving until closer to two! It was still fun though. I went with Tiffany, a new sister in my ward and her two cute kids Cody (4) and Kylee (1). Sarah was so excited to have a friend to play with. It was hard because we ended up going right at the time Sarah usually naps, and so toward the end she was not the most pleasant person in the world.

The museum had a traveling display of Bob the Builder. I was surprised at how much fun Sarah had even though she has never really watched the show.

There was an awesome art section where you could paint, sculpt clay, make your own paper, creat a screen print and make seed balls. It was really cool and Sarah loved it!

Another fun part of this museum is that the entire 3rd floor is a giant water play area. There are large tables of water to experiment floating things, and a splash pad area when you can create your own sprinkling system (Sarah didn't quite figure that out).
The second floor is dedicated to infants and toddlers. All of the toys are baby friendly and it is interesting how much fun Sarah has playing with the baby toys (she never did as a baby). Another really cool thing is they have a wall that is a giant LiteBright board. Very cool!
(Sorry no picture of that).
Another fun thing that goes on here is playgroup with the ward. Every Tuesday from 10am to noon there are playgroups rotating at various parks. Today was the first one that I have attended and only one other sister was there. I was a little bumbed but Sarah still had lots of fun. The name of the park is Frick Park, and each week of the month the playgroup rotates to a different park. I guess a lot of the moms were more focused on the first week of school than with coming to playgroup. Sarah had fun. The playground equipment was really fun (lots of things to climb, her favorite) and there is an old cement slide built into the side of a hill (I'll get a picture of it the next time I go). The kids take pieces of cardboard and slide down on it and it get really fast. Sarah of course, on her death rampage of her pants, decided it would be easier just to slide down straight on her bumb. We'll see how her shorts fare after I wash them.

This is how Abby enjoyed her park experience. She looked around in her carseat and then finally just drifted off to sleep. She is such an angel baby. What a blessing!

I love Craigslist! It is the best, and people in Pittsburgh actually use it. One really cool thing is that people give away awesome free stuff! They'll post "Curb Alert" and give an address and list the free junk that is sitting on the curb to be thrown away (the garbage men will haul anything off, full couches, tables, chairs, you name it, they'll take it). So far I have found a cute dresser for Sarah's room. It needed a new coat of paint but it is all ready to go in her room now.

We also found a KITTY!!! My sister/landlord suggested that we get one to keep the mice and RATS out of the basement. Mice I can handle, but not rats. Plus, I LOVE kitties. It has been so long since I have had a little kitty. I was checking craigslist everyonce and a while and then I found someone who was getting rid of this kitty. She is 12 weeks (so still really small) and has be spayed, vaccinated and has a microchip. This family adopted her from PetSearch and later discovered that their little 4 year old is allergic. So sad! But I am grateful. They gave her to us for free, which was a blessing because all of that vet stuff is expensive. We don't have a name yet, so if you have any suggestions let me know. Sarah adores her and won't leave her alone. Poor kitty. I have to close it in the bathroom, or lock the childgate at the top of the stairs so she can get a break. She is sweet though, very cuddly.

Here are some other fun pictures, enjoy!

Sarah eating peanut butter. It was runny and got EVERYWHERE!

Sarah loves this hat, G'ma Newey found because Sarah love Monster's Inc. Unfortunately we don't have a copy ourselves, but she still loves to where the hat.
I think I am going to do a new post of just Abby Pictures. :)


Livia said...

Your family is so cute! That musuem looks awesome. Have you made any good friends out there yet? playmates? I'm loving the dresser. Be sure to take a pic of her room when it's all done. Have a happpy day. we love you.