Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Lil' Abby

As promised, here are some pictures of Abigail!

Okay, I need to pull out my camera more, I have mulitple pictures of Abby in the same outfit and same spot (you know trying to get a cute picture, thank goodness for digital!).
I need some variety though. I will be better. Love you all!


The Hart Family said...

Looks like you have picked up the blogging thing just fine! Looks good and it was good to hear that your adjusting well.

Brittany said...

I'm glad we can leave comments now! Abby is so beautiful, and her big sis is looking all sorts of grown up. You should post some more updates of your exciting life in a new town. (I have to live vicariously. :)

Ash said...

Yay I can comment!!! Abby is such a cute lil baby. I Lub her! Can't wait for ya to come out at Christmas so we can have some more fun! Wish you were gonna be here for karaoke night.

Cami Bringhurst said...

Your girls are so so cute! Congrats on the newest one. (also I love your background it is really cute)