Friday, September 28, 2012

The Enchanted Locket

I wanted to tell a clever tale about a girl and her locket, but I'm not as clever or witty as either my mother or my sister. So I'm just going to share the story of love behind this locket. 

The weekend before school began we went shopping for a new outfit for Sarah. We didn't have much success, but the only thing that we did find that Sarah loved was a little golden locket (not this one). It was cheap and I got frustrated because we were shopping for clothes, not accessories. 

Well the shopping pretty much ended there after a huge meltdown in the store. 
We finally resolved the drama and called it a day and headed home. 

A few days later I was talking to my mom and vented about the story. 
Well, guess what ended up coming in the mail a few days later. 
Yup, this locket. It is better than the one we saw, one it is silver and two it has blue on it, which is Sarah's favorite color. 

Sarah was so excited. She quickly grabbed some paper and put pictures of her two favorite people. 
Emery and Zak.
(Sorry G'ma, she gives you credit, but only these two made the locket cut *wink*).

I know that this really meant a lot to Sarah, but it meant even more to me. It is tough being a mom, and this was a small act of love that I really appreciated. It meant even more when I learned how almost every store in Utah was called until finally one locket was tracked down to mail (she even called stores out here in Pittsburgh... love you mom!). 

Sarah is slowly admitting that she like girl stuff more and more.
But only if it is cool girl stuff... of course. 


Aden & Jamie Hirtle said...

That is so cute. You have such a sweet mom!

Deb said...

Your mom is so sweet! She heard that June wanted an umbrella the other day and the next time we saw her she showed up with a very nice, beautiful umbrella just for her! She's so thoughtful!!

Melissa said...

So sweet...grandmas (and moms) are the best!