Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Sarah was playing up in the toy room with friends this afternoon, and she was suctioning a cup to her mouth... anyone remember doing that as a child...

Well... Sarah has awesome suction. 

Second week of school and my daughter has a what looks like a giant purple popsicle goatee floating around her mouth. 

It could be worse... 
but for now we all just sort of giggle when we look at her.

Actually... when Ryan and I first realized what it was we couldn't help but laugh, but Sarah having such tender feelings like she does would cry, so we are choking back the laughter and turning our heads so she didn't know what was going on. It is just too funny though. 

Ahh... documented... my daughters first hicky... hahaha!


Jennifer said...

Thanks for the good morning laugh, my friend! Aren't kids great!?! :)
Speaking of kids.... I'm going to be a GRANDMA!!!! I'm so excited!
Much love to you and your family!
<3 Jen