Saturday, September 24, 2011

Bombs Away

Yes, I know.
What on Earth?
Why is Liz posting a picture of random toys?
Toys that have nothing in common other than one thing.

 They were all chucked out our bathroom window this morning. 
Ask Sarah and Abby, because I still haven't figured it out. 
 Ryan and I were laying in bed, hopelessly willing ourselves to get up...
when I heard the girls playing in the bathroom. 
My first thought was that they were getting into the water... a recent obsession of theirs.
When I finally got up to see what mischief was up, I found two girls standing on a chair (that I had pushed into the bathroom to move furniture around... don't ask, I'm pregnant/nesting) both sticking their heads and half of their upper bodies out the window. 
I flipped!
I was so scared at what could of happened. It was a two story fall and wouldn't have ended well.
Abby didn't care that I pulled her off the chair and out of the bathroom, but Sarah knew she was in trouble. This isn't the first time she threw things out of the I was mad, and she knew it. 
So, after putting Sarah in her room, and having her scream and yell for a good 15 minutes she calmed down enough for us to have a talk about why mommy was so scared.
About what could have happened, and what she was teaching Abby.
I'm nervous now, and those child locks will be put to good use (and I won't leave chairs in the bathroom either)

So back to the toys. 
Why these toys?
There is only one that really wasn't surprising.
Strawberry... Strawberry Shortcake.
Remember THIS post?
 I don't know why Sarah has it out for this little doll.
She looks sweet enough to me.

Oh well.
Off they go into an indefinite time-out in the bag they were tossed out the window with. 


Melissa said...

I would have been terrified too. I have fears of Ellie falling out of the window. Jason teases me because I lock the windows a little compulsively...he says she can't fall through the glass but it scares me to death when she starts to climb around them and look out them. I'm not convinced that glass will hold her but I'm not sure why I think a little lock will make a difference. I'm just scared to death about it. Poor strawberry short cake:-(

hotbutteredpopcorn said...

Reminds me of when I looked out a second story window and found you halfway up a large tree. When I scolded you to get down immediately your response was: "I've been lots higher than that before..."

Brooke said...

That Strawberry Shortcake doll reminds me of Mr. Bill from Saturday Night Live (look it up on You Tube, they're funny).