Thursday, September 29, 2011

Bedding and being Cool.

So my friend, Cathy has become quite the quilter, and every time she whips out a new one the craving to become a quilter rages inside of me. I've been wanting to make a matching quilt set for the girls, but never can get up the motivation (or budget in the required fabric... it is pricey). 

So you can only imagine how excited I was to find a cute quilt & sham set on clearance at Target for $16!!! Holy cow! What a deal?!! (It was 75% off).

To make it even better, they also were clearing out the coordinating bedding set (comforter & sheet set) for $14!!!

AND I had a $10 gift card to Target... so I got matching bedding for both beds for about $50!!
Say wha?!!!

I was so excited.
I normally wouldn't blog about something like this, but my mom requested pictures... so I had to share the awesomeness along with the pictures. 

So here is the cute bedding.
(Don't the owls match great?)
The comforter is on the bed, with the quilt at the bottom, I liked the sham that came with the quilt set better so I used that. I didn't really consider the comforter set because the picture displayed the other side (which is the brown squares on the quilt), but when I realized the other side was so bright and cheery I was sold!

Really livens up the whole room. 
I just love it!
Now I'm really tempted to paint all of the furniture in their room white... 

Sarah love her cool, new bed.
 Perfect for, er, Pirating? 
She wouldn't take off her new pirate gear we snagged at the Dollar Store. 
But doesn't she look so cool?
Speaking of cool. 
That is all Sarah can be right now.
She does NOT like being called pretty, or cute, or beautiful, or amazing or anything else. 
It has to be cool... or nothing. 

Which is really awkward when we are out and about and some sweet little grandma comes up to the girls. 
Sweet Old Lady: "Oh look how cute you two are?!! You are just soooo pretty."
Sarah: *Sarah scowls...* "I'm NOT pretty... I'm COOL!"
Sweet Old Lady: "Oh no, you are so pretty. Don't ever think you aren't pretty."
Sarah: "Hmffph"
Me: "Why thank you, Sarah, she is so nice to say that... say thank you."
Sarah: *growls* "I'm cool mom... not pretty"
Me: *awkward laugh* Thanks, lets keep shopping... haha ha ha...

So I have a cool daughter. Just so you all know. 
Sarah is COOL... nothing else.


hotbutteredpopcorn said...

Those are absolutely adorable! And very cool.

Ali said...


Ash said...

Dang it! You always find the steals! I want cute quilt bedding for X and Freds room too. I have Fred a quilt I just need a matching one for X. Their room is super cute Liz! Your quite the decorator:)

PS. Ms. Sarah IS the coolest:)

Momma Twitch said...

That works! Way to go spotting those deals, Liz! One day you and I will make a quilt together. :)

Alisha said...

The first time you said that Sarah was cool in this post totally made me laugh. Cause she was "cool" at the open house too.
I love their room, so cute! And I love white furniture, especially for little girls. DO IT!

Aden and Jamie said...

When I saw the pic (before reading the post) I thought you had made these quilts and was a little sickened with your many talents. Ok, so I was a bit relieved when you said you bought them! Am I bad? Either way, they are adorable and you got them for quite a deal! Their room looks adorable. Do you want to come decorate mine?

Gwendolyn said...

Love that bedding! Another reason I need girls... :)
Love finding bargains like that. Target always seems to have them. We found a cool dinosaur bedding set a while back for 15 bucks.
Sarah does look very cool in her pirate gear. Karter would love it.

Brooke said...

Sarah is ARRRR! And cool. I love how your owl pillows match the new bedding so well! Nice!

Melissa said...

Love the cute and I'll be sure to call Sarah COOL the next time I see her! How funny she is!

McFamily said...

Paxton LOVES his dollar store pirate set (same set too!) I love the bedding and how bright and colorful their room is! How are you feeling by the way? Are you getting some blue to go along with all your pink?!