Friday, January 18, 2008

It's been awhile...

Preface: I discovered that I could graduate in the same amount of time in Speech Pathology so I transferred to the University of Utah and am attending my first semester there. 

been awhile...
Current mood:  determined
So I am in the most ambitious field ever!
A girl I sat next two in class the other day is taking 21 credit hours this semester, and they are all CSD (communicative science disorders). That alone is hard! So then I asked her when she planned on graduating...and she said this semester. K, this girl is only in her fourth semester of college. By the time she graduated from high school she had her associates, and now she is graduating with her bachelors degree in two years...I am so impressed, and jealous! Then there is me...this will be like my 15th semester of college (maybe only 12) and I still have three left! Wow...I wish I could have been a little more focused when I was younger.
So to all of you out there in school. Do it right! Take the fullest load that you can handle and get it done!
I love school, but I want to be through so that I can stay home full time and take care of my little girl. That is the best "job" ever. I thought I would go crazy being at home all of the time but a little one makes things oh so different.
Go to school! Get it done! Live your life! :)