Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Adventures of a Sick One!!!

Well we are having our first adventure of Sarah being sick. Not so fun! On Saturday afternoon I was putting Sarah down for a nap and thought she felt a little warm...I told myself I would take her temperature when she woke up if she still felt warm. Well she slept clear until it was time to drop her off at Grandma Lisa's house so that Ryan and I could go to our Ward temple night. While we were gone Sarah's fever got worse and Grandma gave her some tylenol. Well after we got home Sarah didn't sleep at all that night. On Sunday both Sarah and I felt crummy. Ryan was the doctor to both of us. We kept checking Sarah's temperature and it was hanging around 104 degrees!!!
Well after another sleepless night, Sarah's fever broke at five in the morning on Monday. I was relieved, and decided that I could miss one day of school to stay home with her. Well later in the day Sarah got extremely fussy (which is very unusual for her). It was so bad that if I walked out of her sight she would freak out and cry! Later that afternoon Sarah's fever came back again. Frustrated and exhausted I finally called to consult with the Mom. My mom told me that it might be a good idea to see if Sarah had an ear infection. Sarah and I ran over to Wee Care at 9:45pm to find out that yes indeed she had an ear infection. Poor thing had been suffering for almost three days with an ear infection! I felt terrible.
But oh no, the saga doesn't end there. Monday night, during one of the many times I got up with Sarah, after I sat down with her to feed her she threw up all over me! I had a thought that maybe it was the amoxycilin that she was rejecting, but then tossed that thought out of the window. I stayed home from school another day with her on Tuesday and she really seemed to be doing better (except from the turqoiuse diarhea that had developed from the powerade I had given her). Wednesday she seemed to have digressed a little, and wasn't eating very well. I did go to school because she wasn't too fussy, but just didn't seem to great. Well that when I went to give her a bath she had a rash all over her body! Ryan decided that it was probably a reaction to the amoxycilin and told me I should stop giving it to her. On Thursday I took her to the doctor and sure enough...she was having an allergic reaction to the antibiotics! Poor little girl! First and ear infection...then an upset tummy, and then an allergic reaction to the meds!!! Hopefully all will go well after this. :)
tleast now, Sarah has realized that she likes popsicles!!! Here is a video of her enjoying one!


Lisa said...

I am so glad you started a blog! Keep posting so I can keep reading. Sorry about the ear infection. We have had seven ear infections since moving to Iowa. I hate them I think it should be standard procedure to put tubes in all babies ears. Maybe not, but tubes are a blessing sent from above.