Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Reunited and it feels so good!

Great... hope that song isn't stuck in everyone's head now...
like it is mine. 



We had a very special treat the other weekend.
Chad Taylor, who was in Pittsburgh for two years before moving last year came out for an Alumni conference... and what made it even better, was that he brought this wonderful lil' lady with him!

When Joan asked me if we would be willing to host her husband, Chad and Emery for the weekend we were ecstatic!
It was a long couple of months and we were so happy when it finally arrived. 

Of course Sarah was so excited to show off her new pets to Emery. 
They had lots of fun taking them out, over filling their food dish, and just pampering the fat lil' piggies. 
If you look close, that green thing is their hidey-hut... and it is FILLED with food!
Needless to say, the guinea pigs instantly fell in love with Emery too. 

Emery got in late Friday afternoon, just in time for us to have our pizza and movie night. 
Emery picked our movie for the evening. 
Tinkerbell: Secret of the Wings
(Abby was pretty happy with that pick!)

I do have to say, that when I finally told the girls that Emery was coming, Abby instantly started jabbering about how excited she was that her best friend Naomi (Emery's lil' sis) was coming to Pittsburgh. It was really sad to have to explain to Abby that she wasn't. 
I'm secretly hoping to find a way to sneak off to Minnesota to visit them... we'll see. 

Emery had perfect timing, as she arrived the evening of Ryan's final day as a 3rd year medical student, so he had no obligations that weekend! Wahoo!
I had a baby shower Saturday morning, so Ryan took all the kids to the Blue Slide Playground (Emery's favorite) and then... because it was a little chilly, he even took them to Chic-fil-a for lunch. Such a treat, we haven't been there in months!

I debated about taking Emery to the Science Center, Zoo or Children's Museum, and then finally decided that the thing the girls wanted to do most is just be with each other. So I decided to keep our events low key so the girls could get plenty of time paying attention to each other, giggling and being puppies (their favorite pretend game... not so much mine, but whatever!)

I found these cute lil' kites on clearance at Target (I think like $.37 each... I should have bought more!!)
And the sun peaked its face out long enough for the girls to run up and down the streets with them. 

The funny thing with these kites was that the tails on them were like 10 feet long! Way to long for a 7 inch kite... but it was perfect because they made very fun ribbon streamers, we cut them off the kite and tied them to a chopstick and wa-la. Abby didn't have to be jealous she didn't have a kite. 
I'll be honest... twirling those things were pretty fun!

Emery's brother, Morgan, also came along for the trip. He stayed at his BFF's house friday night, but we got to have him hang out with us Saturday night. 
We broke out Super Mario on the Wii to brighten his spirits about spending the evening with a house full of girls. Although, Zak was pretty happy to sit by Morgan and try and mimic him. Any time something happened on the game Zak would turn to see what Morgan's reaction was. It was pretty cute. 

I can't believe how fast time went by... two days really isn't enough time for these besties. 

They were good and let me keep stealing them away for a couple of pictures here and there. 

Oh, I just love these two girls. 
I hope that we can keep this friendship alive over the years.
It is such a special, darling bond that they have. 

We love you Emery! You are welcome to visit ANY time! 
Maybe we can come kidnap you for the summer. 

PS - Chad it was fun staying up {late} and chatting with you! Hope you had a fun visit in Pittsburgh. If you ever need a place to crash again (even if you can't bring Emery along) our doors are always open. 


Deb said...

Cute! I love to see Sarah's excited and happy face. What fun.

Aden & Jamie Hirtle said...

Yay, you're blogging again!

Joan said...

Oh this was fun to read. Thank you! Even though I wasn't there in person, I can totally picture everything about the weekend. We are keeping our fingers crossed for the summer!!!