Sunday, January 17, 2010

Happy MLK Day!


So, we didn't do it this year, but next MLK Day we are having a Milkshake party. The abbreviation looks like milk, so what a better excuse than that to have a Milkshake party... I'd advise you to do the same. ;)

We had a really fun time with our three day weekend. On Friday our family went to the Carnegie Science Center.  Sarah was WAY excited to be out doing something fun with Daddy. Mom has kind of been a lame hermit since we got home and so she really enjoyed the change of scenery. It was lots of fun and we even got to see a "Star Show" and learn about science while watching (and the eating) a Fruit FlambĂ© demonstration. 

They have an exhibit right now all about Robotics. This robot that Sarah is looking at, mimics your facial expressions. It even did a perfect impression of a Sarah Scuz... it was hilarious.

There was also an Air Hockey table where you played a robotic arm. It is a good thing we didn't discover this until we were on our way out, or I might have been there all day. You can't win, the robot blocks every shot. But being the competitive person I am, I tried a dozen times or so... it was useless.

Saturday we got some projects done around the house and kind of just hung out. We were really craving some Rialto's Pizza (from this post), but instead of blowing the budget, we tried to create the pizza ourselves. It was close, next time I am sure we will get it spot on.

That is Creme Soda...

On Sunday I got really brave and decided to make Chicken Under a Brick... and DEBONE A CHICKEN!!!! I was very proud that I did it, and it tasted DELICIOUS!!!

Here is my bird all cooked up!

And on Monday night we went over to the Lingwall's house (the couple from our "blind date" before we came home to Utah). We played a game called Pandemic, it was really fun, I would recommend that as well.

It was a great weekend and we were rather spoiled with how much time we got to spend with Ryan.

Yeah for 3 day weekends!!!


Ashley said...

Oh my goodness, you little cook! Can I come for dinner??? Looks amazing. Your family is darling as always!!

Chantele said...

That dinner looks delicious!! Cute family pictures too.

Melissa said...

YEAH for 3 day weekends!!! Looks like a great outing. And the dinner....yummy! I've never been brave enough to try that. I stick to the boneless, skinless stuff. I'm lazy!

Brooke said...

The chicken looks gorgeous! When we make it, we just butterfly it (remove the backbone and smash it flat), 'cause deboning is just too much work.

Mmm . . . this makes me want to post a recipe on my blog . . .