Monday, October 19, 2009

Monkey Bib

Well, I finished another project! Yay for me. Its been awhile since I have had time to work on something. I followed the tutorial on Make It and Love It (yes, I am obsessed with all of her cute ideas!),
hers is WAY cuter, but I like mine anyway.

It is by NO means perfect, but I think it looks pretty cute... from far away. I'll get better. There are definitely things that I would do different when I make another one. For one I will make an easier design. Maybe buy a premade iron-on applicate. Cutting out the iron-on adhesive for the eyes and nose, and especially the mouth was time consuming. I'll probably stick with a simple letter or big shape like a heart or something.
But monkey turned out okay, right?

The buttons snap on around the back to form the
food catchin' pouch.

Once it is covered in food you just unsnap it and whip it clean!
I am so excited to make soup or noodles or any of the other meals that usually make a mess!

Best of all SHE likes it...

and it fits perfectly too!

After I was done I was worried it was too narrow,
but it is just right for my little monkey!


Ashley said...

Wow, that turned out SO cute!! Even up close! :) And that monkey looks flawless....what a great idea!!! Thanks for the link!


grandma stephenson said...

You are doing a Great Job! I'm so impressed. I hope you don't mind I having been showing of you talents to a few of my clients who sew. They have been really impressed. Keep on sewing it so fun to see! Maybe someday?

Tiffany Cramer said...

Congrats on finishing a very cute project! Do you want to help me finish my projects...the list is growing! :)

Gwendolyn said...

That is SO cute! Love it!